Superway Portable Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern Review

Superway Portable Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern Review

The Superway Portable Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern & 10400mAh Power Bank is an IP65 waterproof rechargeable camping lantern that outputs a powerful for 40 lumens of light and can easily hold 99 hours of lighting with a single charge.

If you experience hiking power outages, then this is the ideal lantern to have by your side. It comes with a built-in 10400 mAh exclusive external charging battery pack that outputs 2.1 amperes, enough to charge your tablet or smart phone on outdoor locations.

Superway Portable Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern discharges ultra-bright light. Experience 99 hours of light at Low Brightness, an ideal 87.5 hours at Middle Brightness, and a useful 28 hours at High Brightness.

Extremely lightweight and portable, this lantern weighs just 295 grams and does not require an extra battery. It comes with an LED bulb that lasts for nearly 100,000 hours. So when you’re not charging your smart phone, use this lantern at preset levels without losing much power.

With an average battery life of three years, it can withstand many extended camping and hiking trips. Since it has a sturdy aluminum PCBA, it delivers better abstract heat making it a good choice to carry along with camping gear.

Just click on the double press ON button, and the LED light comes on. Press once again to set it on Medium Light, another time for Low Light, and a third time for High Light. The fourth time allows you to generate its Probing effect.

Just double press the ON button to switch off the power when you’re done. Highly safe and durable, this LED camping lantern is protected by special ABS material and contains high-quality LED chips. Get the soft feel when you rub your fingers over its rubber coating on the surface.

With capacity to charge smart phones four times over, its power bank is especially useful on outdoor trips like fishing, camping, hiking, and cycling. Just charge it once, then use it across different light output levels as per your needs.


  • Designed with dimensions of 4.17 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches
  • Weighs just 0.3 pounds
  • Comes with an average battery life of 3 years
  • Produces enough life to compensate for hiking power outages
  • Can sustain 99 hours of lighting with a single charge
  • Produces a powerful 440 lumens of light
  • Comes with an exclusive charging function
  • Charges cell phones fully 3 to 4 times over
  • Holds a long-lasting LED bulb that can last for around 100,000 hours
  • Made of lightweight and portable material that easily hangs from its hook
  • Has capacity to output a maximum of 2.1 amperes
  • Discharges 99 hours of light at 200 lumens
  • Lasts for around 87.5 hours at 280 lumens
  • Produces light for 28 hours at its maximum setting of 440 lumens


  • Lights up an entire room at maximum output setting
  • Has one of the largest capacity batteries available in the market
  • Delivered as an extremely portable LED camping lantern with power back
  • Can be easily hung from a hiking backpack
  • Fits easily into a laptop bag
  • Designed with a comfortable grip to prevent the lantern from slipping
  • Comes with a long cable that is useful to charge electronic gadgets
  • Produces stable charge as compared to normal wall chargers
  • Discharges ultra-bright light even though it’s a small-sized lantern


  • Comes with a battery that does not always perform up to expectations in terms of light output
  • Does not charge all smart phones
  • Comes with less flexible plugs over the USB ports that tend to come off after a few uses


The Superway Portable Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern has all the best features available in a rechargeable lantern including 440 lumen output; however, its power back does not always hold light for 99 hours.

Though it is an external battery pack with extended cable, buyers must check this battery’s performance over a few uses. With a reasonable 2.1 A output, this lantern charges several smart phones fully, making it a useful accessory during longer camping and hiking trips.

Its ultra-bright light is useful during outage emergencies in the house or in a camp. Fitted with a convenient ON button, users can effortlessly switch from one lighting level to the other.

Also, the battery pack is meant to last for three years, so users effectively have an emergency lighting device that holds stable charge over a longer period of time as compared to units charged with plugged-in charging devices.

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