SUNVAO Solar Lantern Review

The Solar Lantern with Hand Crank and USB Port is designed to hold 36 ultra-bright LED lamps and acts as a rechargeable outdoor emergency light with a hanging hook.

The Solar Lantern with Hand Crank and USB Port is ideal for hiking, camping, other outdoor activities, during hurricanes and storms, and as an instant emergency light whenever your campsite is hit by power outage. You’ll never get caught in the dark when you have this reliable solar LED lantern with you.

Even kids can use it safely at their scout camps. Avoid dangerous lighting situations with gas-powered lamps or inflammable candles by using this environmentally friendly camping lantern.

Though this easy-to-use lantern does not come with an inbuilt or external battery, it is equipped with five charging options – solar panel, traditional power plug, 3 AAA batteries, car adapter, and the very useful hand crank.

Its solar panel can charge this lantern to output 12 hours of bright light that easily surpasses performance levels offered by battery-operated flashlights and the older propane-powered lanterns.

Made of lightweight and durable plastic, this offering by Sunvao is fitted with a useful and strong ABS handle that is ideal for hanging the lantern. Its lightweight design allows users to easily pack the lamp with other camping equipment on any outdoor trip.

This solar Lantern has a soft feel to it with its rubber exterior, and allows users to hang the lantern inside the tent from its hook. If all the 36 ultra-bright LED lights are lit up at their maximum brightness levels, this lantern can fill a room with 180 lumens of bright white light.

Users have the option to choose any of its three levels, including Low with 12 LEDs, Medium with 24 LEDs, and High with 36 LEDs.

It works equally well when used as an outdoor yard light, reading light, or grill light. This solar lantern is completely odorless and has a beautiful design that usually prompts users to gift this item to their friends and loved ones.


  • Has dimensions of 9.63 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches
  • Weighs a reasonable 1.68 pounds
  • Has three brightness levels ignited by 36 ultra-bright LED lights
  • Can be used as a grill light, leading light, or outdoor yard light
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries, solar panel, car adapter, hand crank and wall charger
  • Comes with a portable handle attached to a hanging hook
  • Designed with bright white LED lamp beads
  • Equipped with a waterproof On-Off switch
  • Comes with a USB socket to charge electronic devices
  • Includes a powerful hand crank that acts like a dynamo
  • Outputs powerful 180 lumens
  • Generates 12 hours of working light
  • Designed as a portable, lightweight, and highly durable lantern
  • Used as a work lamp, on night-fishing trips, and during power outages


  • Produces reasonable amounts of light with just a few cranks
  • Has a hanging hook that pops out of the lantern’s carrying handle
  • Outputs light that easily covers 1000 sq. ft. of indoor space
  • Can be used daily as an emergency light with just a few cranks
  • Works extremely well with both hand crank and solar options
  • Produces extremely bright light that is useful  for both indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Emits a neutral smell
  • Fitted into a good, sturdy housing
  • Comes with a useful red LED lamp to indicate charging on solar
  • Includes a car charger, household power supply plug wire, and USB cable


  • Comes with a charging light that does not go off after full charge
  • Sold as a cheap hand crank solar lantern that does not last for a long time
  • Some users have received damaged lanterns


Equipped with its very useful hand crank, this Solar Lantern with Hand Crank and USB Port performs reasonably well as an outdoor emergency light. It comes with very useful features including its releasable hook and handle for hands-free usage.

Loaded with 36 ultra-bright LED lamps, use it at three different levels with maximum output set at 180 lumens. For users who believe in switching over to solar-powered lanterns, this Sunvao offering is a good alternative to the otherwise popular power-bank driven camping lanterns.

Sold at a very affordable price, users must be prepared for shorter life spans but can use this lantern daily as an emergency light with just a few cranks yielding several minutes of bright light.

This lantern’s lightweight construction, appealing looks, and soft rubber-based exterior makes it one of the popular lanterns over the short-term.

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