Image Solar Lantern Review

Image Solar Lantern Review

Enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about the upcoming darkness and your source of light. Carry a lightweight, compact and portable camping lantern f around with you or all your nighttime outdoor activities.

Charge your light source in many possible ways. And be confident that your device can light your area brightly and continuously for a long period of time. Stay lighted with the Image Solar Lantern.


  • five (5) different charging methods – 3 AA batteries, solar powered, AC adapter, crank dynamo & car adapter
  • thirty-six (36) super bright LED bulbs
  • environment-friendly with its solar power and hand crank dynamo features
  • with polysilicon solar panels
  • low energy consumption
  • USB output – universal USB port with DC 5V/1A output
  • two (2) interchangeable brightness mode: bright mode & super bright mode
  • plastic material
  • item weight: 1.78 lbs.
  • product dimensions: 10.2 in x 4.9 in x 4.9 in


The Image Solar Lantern is made up of thirty-six (36) LED bulbs that allow the camping lantern to create a super bright light for maximum illumination of a dark area.

The performance of this product in the area of lighting will not leave its purchasers disappointed. With the bright light the Image Solar Lantern emits, one would think that it consumes too much power when it operates. However, that is not so for this camping lantern.

The Image Solar Lantern is made to run on low power consumption, which works for the consumers in two (2) ways – first, it spares the purchasers from spending too much on power bills and/or batteries; and, second, it prevents you from having to recharge the camping lantern every now and then.

Another noteworthy feature of the Image Solar Lantern is its five (5) charging methods that give the consumers more options and more convenient ways to recharge their camping lantern.

They can settle on using three (3) AA batteries to run the lantern or they can use power through the help of an AC adapter. Now, when you are outdoors and the two previous options are not feasible, you can still charge the camping lantern using a car adapter.

If, however, you prefer a free and more natural power source, you can also use either the solar power or the crank dynamo feature.

It is also good to note that the Image Solar Lantern has poly-silicon solar panels placed on it, to make it possible for the camping lantern to operate mainly on solar power.

It also boasts a hand crank dynamo that you can use for creating power. All you have to do is hand crank the dynamo a few times and you get energy for your lantern to run. These two (2) features are environment-friendly.

Aside from that, these features are also cost efficient as they will spare the owners from more electric bills and purchase of batteries, by going natural and free with solar power. Image Solar Lantern is the perfect camping lantern for environment lovers and nature conscious people.

The Image Solar Lantern keeps getting better, as it has a USB port that you can use to charge your devices, such as phones and tablets.You can also change the brightness mode of your lantern because it has two (2) interchangeable settings that you can choose to fit your location – bright mode for indoors and super bright mode for outdoors.


The light bulbs of the Image Solar Lantern are mounted in vertical columns, which makes the light shine out horizontally.

This could pose a problem when you are indoors and the lantern is placed on a table – the light will shine straight into your eyes. Also, because of the ultra-bright light it produces, when using the lantern for reading, you will have to place the light further away, because the bright light is glaring on the eyes.

There are also reports that the solar charging is slow, because the surface area of the solar panels is small and flat – it does not facilitate optimal capturing of solar energy.

It is better when the Image Solar Lantern is placed in an area where it can catch the sunlight without any impediments – preferably a location directly under the heat of the sun. Also, it will take more cranking if you want to have a bright light for the camping lantern.


The Image Solar Lantern is certainly a camping lantern that delivers. For the lovers of the environment out there, the Image Solar Lantern is the one for you, as you not only conserve electric power but also help the environment by running your devices from solar power.

For all its features, the Image Solar Lantern is a superb product for its price. It is a camping lantern worth recommending to friends and loved ones.

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