GT ROAD Solar Led Camping Lantern Flashlight Rechargeable Review

GT ROAD Solar Led Camping Lantern Flashlight Rechargeable Review

The GT ROAD Solar Led Camping Lantern Flashlight Rechargeable is designed as a multipurpose light that can be used as a camping Lantern as well as a flashlight.

Use this electric torch to direct light in the forward or in any other direction with ease. For hands-free use, hang it like an overhead lantern for as many as 12 hours. Designed for outdoor use, this camping lantern comes with its useful solar-charging feature, or you can use DC power supply at home.

Convenient, efficient, and compact, this multifunction LED camping lantern is used for all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking and camping.

Easy to set up, it can produce light at the click of a button. Just use the provided handles to retract the body of the lantern, and it turns into a powerful flashlight. To charge this portable camping lantern, simply connect it to a 120V plug or expose its easily-visible solar panel on the top to the sun’s rays.

It has an LED light fitted to indicate the charging process when it is turned on. This portable GT Road offering has sturdy construction made of high-quality plastic. Devoid of complicated operations, switch over from a traditional lantern to a survival and emergency lighting device whenever the need arises.

Control its emitted light by adjusting the lantern’s height with the help of its collapsible brightness control feature. You are not confronted with unnecessary buttons and switches. Each set comes with its own DC charging cable.


  • Has dimensions of 2.76 x 2.76 x 4.33 inches
  • Weighs a light 0.44 pounds
  • Comes inconvenient 2-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack, and 10-pack sets
  • Constructed as a lightweight, portable unit
  • Designed as a multifunction camping lantern that doubles up as a hand-held flashlight
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Offered with a 30-day Money Back warranty
  • Constructed as a durable lantern with longer lifespan
  • Produces up to 12 hours of continuous light
  • Has a retractable design for easy use
  • Designed as an extremely portable device
  • Comes with dual-charging mode – solar and DC power
  • Can be hung as an overhead lantern
  • Has a convenient LED light to indicate its charging mode
  • Designed as a user-friendly lantern that can be easily set up


  • Delivered in a pack of two lanterns, each with its own charging cable
  • Designed to emit bright light
  • Offered at a very competitive price with excellent features
  • Delivered as a compact lantern that is ideal for camping, travelling, and hiking
  • Comes with handles at the side to hang the lantern but also function as locks
  • Spreads light to around 10 feet as a lantern
  • Functions as a powerful flashlight with a convenient side flip-out handle
  • Comes with a USB port to charge electronic gadgets like MP3 players and mobiles
  • Includes a convenient 18-inch cord
  • Designed to run for 12 hours, this lantern runs for even 17 hours
  • Delivers a practical recharging solution with its strong charging cord
  • Turns into a viable emergency lighting unit in the house


  • Emits good light but requires hours to charge via its solar panel
  • Comes with an LED indicator light that does not switch off after full charge
  • Can be charged only with a 110-volt DC power supply
  • Delivered without safety certificates
  • Requires an inverter to charge in the outdoors


The GT ROAD Solar LED Camping Lantern Flashlight Rechargeable does come in a set of two or more lanterns, so they can be conveniently used in tandem. Charge one lantern while you use the other for a period of around 12 hours.

Its practical design allows users to run this light even for 17 hours making it an overnight power outage option, although it is not constructed to be a practical emergency light.

Emitting good light on full charge, this GT Road offering does have good form factor and build, although its charging feature with a 110-volt outlet limits emergency lighting options.

A very useful feature is its USB port located at the top of the lantern that can be used to charge smart phones and other electronic gadgets.

This compact and portable camping lantern with its lightweight design and retractable feature makes it the ideal choice for large groups who need 6 or 12 packs for overnight trips.

Lighting options can be safely controlled to enable usage over longer periods. All in all, this is a useful option for campers who also need backup lighting.

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