Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern Review

Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern Review

Lanterns are essential tools you have to bring with you when you are planning to go on a camping trip. Lanterns are also important devices that you always need to have in your house for emergency situations – situations like power shortage, natural disasters and unplanned camping in your backyard.

Whichever situation you are in, owning a dependable and durable lantern is a must. You can put your money on Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern.


  • four (4) individual light panels in one lantern
  • rechargeable light panels
  • 8 D cell batteries as power source
  • lantern can last as long as 75 hours
  • panel lights can run for 1.5 hours
  • 190 extra-bright lumens for lantern
  • 5 lumens for each light panels
  • color: red
  • item weight: 2.15 lbs.
  • product dimensions: 12.88 in x 7.75 in x 7.69 in


The Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern is four (4) light panels in one lantern – making the light it produces extra bright to illuminate a wider scope in a dark place. With this lantern, you do not have to bear with weak lighting every time you go outdoors at night.

Using the product will, likewise, spare you from having to buy another lantern just to compensate for the deficiency of a single lantern because the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern has one hundred ninety (190) extra-bright lumens – that is forty-seven and a half (47.5) lumens for each of its four light panels.

This camping lantern is composed of twenty-four (24) LEDs that do not need replacing every now and then because they will last a lifetime.

Not only can you save money from doing away with changing the LEDs but also by simply not buying another lantern to use because of the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern’s long service life.

Also, it is worth noting that the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern can run for a long time with its eight (8) D cell batteries as the power source.

A fully charged lantern can last for forty-seven (47) hours of continuous use – a heavy-duty and dependable lighting source you can rely on when you are planning to go on an outdoor activity without access to electric power for days.

Although this product can run continuously for almost two (2) days, the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern remains cool so it is safe for you to touch the lantern even after it has been used for some time.

Handling the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern is easy as well. You can either use it as a flashlight by taking it off its base, or you choose hands-free operation by putting it back on the base. This makes this product a good choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

To add, once the lantern is placed back on its base, it automatically recharges. Furthermore, all four light panels are not permanently attached and can be removed at will if you choose to.

You can simply remove one panel from the lantern when you want to use it individually – and you can return it back to the lantern when you want 360-degree lighting. The Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern versatile design makes it possible for you to use it for different purposes.


The four (4) panel set up of the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern has its disadvantages. For one, it makes the lantern an all-or-none lighting source.

When you run the lantern, all four panels run at the same time. There is no way you can make only one or two light panels work while the remaining two remain turned off. When you want to use just one or two light panels, you still need to remove them from the lantern itself.

Also, the lantern is not equipped with a night light feature that makes it easier for you to locate the non-operating lantern in the dark. There are also some issues with the handle of the lantern – which is recessed below the break-away light panels.

Grabbing the handle will also cause you to grab the break-away light panels – and increasing the chance of the lights breaking away from the lantern and falling to the ground. One needs to be cautious in handling the lantern to avoid this scenario from taking place.


When it is a dependable, high performance and durable light source you are looking for to bring with you in your night-time outdoor activities, you would want to check out the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern.

What is really great about this product is its design – which allows you to use it in several ways, and for various purposes. This camping lantern is one of the most versatile and excellent performing camping lanterns you will find on the market today.

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