Camping 101: Bring the Brightest Camping Lantern

Camping 101 Bring the Brightest Camping Lantern

When you are an explorer or an outdoorsy type of person, camping is something you enjoy every now and then. One thing that you always bring with you on your camping trip is a handy and durable camping lantern.

Lighting is very important when you go outdoors, because not only it will allow you to enjoy your area and be active even when it is dark, but it will also spell your security at night from unwelcome wild animals and tricky mountain trails.

When you are planning to go on a camping trip, you have to bring a camping lantern with you. If you have none in your possession, then it is about time to look for one.

Even if you are not planning to go camping, a camping lantern is nevertheless handy when you are suddenly faced with emergency situations or when you experience unscheduled power shortage.

Naturally, in your search, you would probably look for the brightest camping lantern. However, when you look for one on the internet, you will be faced with a large number of camping lanterns to choose from.

Lantern Brightness

A camping lantern’s brightness is typically measured in a laboratory set-up based on the number of lumens it can provide. A lumen is a unit of measurement used to determine the total amount of light a lantern creates.

It should be noted, however, that the term lumen is not necessarily equivalent to brightness. A camping lantern’s brightness depends on not only the number of lumens it creates but also on the lantern’s optics and design.

Search for the Brightest Camping Lantern

So help you in your search for the brightest camping lantern, here are some points you can consider:

Count the Lumens.

The number of lumens you need from a camping lantern depends on the purpose of the camping lantern and the number of people it has to illuminate.

A typical group of 2 or 3 people would need a camping lantern that has at least 100 lumens to work on. A larger group would require more lumens and 20 to 35 lumens are enough when you are indoors or in closed quarters.

It is a general rule that the more lumens a camping lantern can provide, the wider the scope of the lantern’s beam.

However, one should also be warned that the more lumens are created by a camping lantern, the more energy it consumes. Using a camping lantern with a high number of lumens will drain the battery life of the equipment faster.

All About Optics and Design.

A good design and optics will utilize and project the maximum light capacity for a camping lantern. Also, a good reflector helps in making the light of a camping lantern bright.

A good reflector spells the difference between a bright and dull light. To add, brightness is also determined by how a lighting apparatus directs the light.

An unimpeded or three hundred and sixty (360) degree design is likewise preferable in camping lanterns – that way, the entire surroundings of the camping lantern can be illuminated due to the absence of any blockage.

Think of the Light Quality.

A camping lantern may emit the brightest light but it is not enough. The light quality is also something to be considered in looking for the brightest camping lantern.

Some of the brightest lights are glaring and offensive to the eyes. This will not do, especially when you have to spend a long time in the dark.

In looking for the best camping lantern, you have to look for a bright light that is soothing to the eyes so that, even when you have to look directly at the camping lantern, it will not irritate your eyes.

Finally, no one camping lantern fits all your needs. So it is recommended that you get yourself the brightest camping lantern but at the same time a versatile one so you can easily use it for indoor and outdoor activities.

Also, there are camping lanterns available that give you the option of adjusting the brightness mode in order to tailor it for your purpose, but they do not necessarily compromise the brightness quality of the lantern’s light.

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