BESTON IP65 Waterproof Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern Review

BESTON IP65 Waterproof Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern Review

The BESTON 440 Lumens IP65 Waterproof Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern is an ultra-bright portable lantern that allows users to connect their cell phones and other devices to its power bank to charge them. It comes with four different light modes.

A double-click bottom power button lights up to its default medium brightness setting. Users can click once to initiate its low brightness setting or click again to set it at high. If the button is clicked again, the strobing effect is generated.

Double click to switch off the lantern. The BESTON 440 has included several cutting-edge technological advances including its LED bulb with 100,000 hours life span, aluminum PCBA, and LED chip.

Made of superior quality ABS+PC raw material, this camping lantern also has a surface rubber coating and sturdy foldable hook. With various certifications including the CE, RoHS, IP65, and FCC, this rechargeable lamp emits 440 lumens of bright light.

It is completely dustproof and is also water-resistant against low-pressure water jets. Powered by a 10,400 mAh rechargeable external lithium battery pack, this camping lantern also comes with a USB charging cable, user manual, and carry bag.

Use its power bank’s 2.1 A output to charge your smart phones and tablets on the move. Effectively, these devices can be charged four times over with just one charge.

The BESTON 440 weighs just 300 grams, so this compact and lightweight rechargeable LED lantern can be easily carried around with other camping accessories. It also comes with a tough retractable hook that easily holds the lantern from an elevated position inside the tent or in the outdoors.


  • Has dimensions of 6.3 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches
  • Weighs around 300 grams
  • Fitted with an inbuilt 10400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Includes a USB charging cable, carry bag, and user manual
  • Designed to produce ultra-bright light
  • Delivers 2.1A output to easily charge electronic gadgets like cell phones
  • Constructed with ABS material offering a dust-proof and water-proof lantern
  • Designed with an aluminum PCBA for better abstract heat
  • Comes with rubber coating on the surface for a soft feel
  • Has a bottom power button to initiate its four light modes
  • Offered as a lightweight and compact LED rechargeable lantern for increased portability
  • Has the capacity to produce 180 hours of lighting on a single charge
  • Used as a bright emergency lamp


  • Constructed sturdily to withstand cross-country trips
  • Remains charged even with daily use
  • Can also run an optional USB light connected to its output port
  • Comes with perfect dimmer settings
  • Does not get warm even after hours of usage
  • Ability to charge cellphones and other gadgets, especially useful at sea
  • Delivers probing light useful for emergency vehicle lighting
  • Designed with compact dimensions that appeal to hikers and campers
  • Is water resistant even on rainy days
  • Comes with an appealing color temperature
  • Can be used even when the lantern is on charging mode


  • Comes with a frosted lens, so light output is less bright
  • Needs some adjustment, as the lantern is dispatched with insufficient instructions


The BESTON 440 Lumens IP65 Waterproof Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern is a small, compact lighting device that easily lights up camping tents for several days at a stretch with just one single charge.

Users have four different light modes at their disposal with each step increasing light output to preset levels. A useful 70 hours at medium brightness and 22 hours at maximum brightness are extremely useful in emergency situations.

The external 10400 mAh power bank has enough power to charge a cell phone nearly 4 times without recharge. It can hold around 180 hours of lighting power with just one single charge. Durability is guaranteed with its well-designed aluminum PCBA and high-grade LED chip.

Users will especially like its feel, as this lantern is covered with a rubber coating on the surface. Whether it is hung from an elevated position or carried around on hiking trips, this powerful IP65 waterproof rechargeable LED camping lantern produces enough soft light with ease.

The BESTON 440 is certified by FCC and RoHS, and it has innovative features like the double power bottom button.

If you need a compact lantern that also provides adequate power to light up electronic gadgets, then this BESTON 440 LED camping lantern is a great choice, especially if you plan on going on a longer trip over water.

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