Best Rechargeable Camping Lanterns for Outdoor Adventures

Best Rechargeable Camping Lanterns for Outdoor Adventures

Lanterns exist for nearly as long as man discovered fire, but now campers busy with the daily grind of making a living actually seek out outdoor adventures to keep fit.

With technologies improving all the time, it makes sense to carry along the best rechargeable camping lantern that is lightweight, convenient, safe, and user-friendly on any outdoor trip.

The question then arises whether a gas lantern that uses the same mode of fuel as your portable stove is a better option than a rechargeable lantern that is almost as light and compact as your mobile.

Understand how the different types of camping lanterns work, then make an informed decision on which is the best option based on your individual needs.

Different types of lanterns for camping

Candle lantern

This is probably the simplest form of natural lighting that replace wood burning fuel. If you require very little light and need a makeshift arrangement wherein a traditional enclosed lamp could be fitted with a candle, then this will serve the purpose.

The light is soft and pleasing, but you will have to constantly replace candles after every hour or so. This kind of latter is probably the last resort for any camper who has more modern options in mind.

Gas-Powered Lanterns

Filled with white gas, liquid fuel power is the traditional lantern; however, you lead to carry a canister of liquid fuel on all your camping trips.

Consider the more fuel-efficient propane that comes in refillable tanks or butane that comes in disposable canisters as a better option, if gas-powered lanterns must be considered.

It makes sense to use the same fuel commonly utilized in the locality, so replacements are easily available any time you decide to go on a camping trip.

Electric camping lanterns

This option is probably the most commonly used lantern simply because they fulfill all the requirements modern campers, right from mountaineers to mountain bikers to the casual camping enthusiast who wants to enjoy several days of camping in the wild.

The advantages that these electric lanterns provide are quite obvious.

  • Compact and highly durable light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used as source of light. These are very sturdy, remain fixed in place even on regular impact, and can be powered by batteries with extended battery life.
  • Depending on your needs, a battery lantern is powered by standard cells or rechargeable batteries that can last from several hours to several days without needing a recharge. It all depends on how long you need light without finding a source to recharge your batteries.
  • The brighter the light, more the energy is drain out of your batteries. This can be easily translated into the number of hours the battery will support a specific light source that emits light. You have the option to choose a less brighter camping lantern to save more battery power. Manufacturers come up with innovative designs that can provide more light even in compact lanterns.
  • You don’t want to carry a canton along everywhere you go unless absolutely necessary. The smaller the design the easier to handle and carry. Go hands-free with a lantern that hangs from any overhead surface without slipping. Choose a lamp with rubber rests. It can tilt but will not fall over. Also, make sure the light source comes on with a simple switch-on/switch-off function. The best rechargeable camping lantern will allow you to be totally hands-free.
  • Modern lamps come with exciting features that are upgraded regularly. It is now possible to get a camping lantern specifically designed to meet all your requirements. If you need a lamp that can power a large tent with several campers, opt for a brighter camping lantern. Accordingly, choose a battery source that will keep this lantern alive for several days without recharge.
  • Durability is an important factor as well. You don’t need a lamb that must be replaced after a few camping trips. The cheapest model will probably have a shorter lifespan than a high-end costly lantern fitted with the latest technologies. A balance must be established, so go in for a lantern that a shockproof and can withstand heavy punishment including impact and difficult weather conditions.

The best rechargeable camping lantern comes in a wide range of lightweight and size options. You have a bigger choice with brightness as battery-powered LED camping lanterns fulfil specific light requirements without draining the batteries.

They are sturdy, safe even on camping trips with kids, make very little noise, and are the perfect environment-friendly light sources you’d want in your sleeping temps without the worry of dangerous gas emissions.

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